4 Ways Kids can help with Holiday Meal Prep

by Admin 25. November 2013 14:23


Make PLACE CARDS for the table.
The concept may be unfamiliar to young children…as name cards are reserved for the 
fanciest of occasions. But after some explanation and maybe a quick Etsy Google search, 
they’ll be on board. Haul out the art supplies and let their creativity go wild. 
{note: the name cards on Etsy are print-perfect gorgeous, turn to Google instead!}  
Create a TABLE DISPLAY inspired by nature.
Get the kids out of the kitchen and outside! Send them on a hunt for acorns, pine cones 
or other finds from the back yard. Then create a beautiful, simple display.
FOLD NAPKINS in a “fancy” way. 
For a complete guide of fancy napkins and easy directions go here.
ARRANGE a vegetable tray, cracker plate, fruit dish or basket of rolls.
Kids want to be helpers! Finding little ways for them to assist will mean the world to 
them and make the Holiday special.
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