One Room, Two Kids

by Admin 21. November 2013 08:40

In a shared bedroom, children learn valuable lessons in cooperation and compromise but they should not have to give up their own sense of style.

With the right setup, siblings can stay true to themselves and find plenty of common ground. Encourage them to make their mark on the room by focusing on: 

- Favorite color choices

- Photos and handmade art

 - Fun accessories each child picks for their “area”

- Monograms or personalization

The key is to find the right balance between two core elements - storage and privacy. Storage is essential and should be worked in wherever possible. Privacy helps reduce the tension associated with living with different personalities.

First, start with the beds. Give each child a defined sleeping area. Bunk beds offer the perfect solution in shared spaces for children six and over but 2 Beds strategically placed in a room can also work. Placing the beds along opposite walls or using a daybed configuration can provide more floor space to play and give kids more individual space.

Tip! Coordinating Bed linens creates a tidy look. Use reversible comforters and mix-and-match pillows to maintain order without strict matching.

Next, work in smaller storage pieces around the beds. Just don’t overlook the space under the beds! Underbed Storage Units or Trundle/Storage Drawers save valuable floor space and tackle clutter, allowing room for a Desk or Dresser.


Last, layer in personal touches. Wall decals with names or art featuring their monograms reinforce the concept of individual areas in shared spaces.


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